• Hand Stamped Bronze and Silk Wrap Bracelet

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    This comfortable and relaxed silk wrap bracelet is perfect for everyday! Wear it shopping, out for lunch, in yoga class and anywhere else you would like a boho chic look. 

    The focal of this piece is a hand-stamped solid Bronze bracelet plate. The plate was made with Bronze Clay (BRONZclay*). This clay was rolled, stamped with a custom made "Believe" stamp, carefully curved, dried, refined and kiln fired for several hours. The resulting solid bronze plate was then tumbled and hand polished to reveal a warm golden hue. 

    The bracelet is a handmade silk ribbon with finished edges. It is 1/2" wide with tapered ends. It is a blend of purple and lavender with purple edges. Naturally crinkled, but may be ironed if you prefer a smooth appearance. To wear this piece, slip your wrist through the loop (see 4th picture) and wrap the ends around your wrist and tie in a knot on the underside of your wrist. Simply tuck in the ends and you are ready to go! 

    *BRONZclay consists of 11% tin, 89% copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. The binding materials vaporize completely during the kiln-firing process, leaving a solid bronze piece with a density 90% that of cast bronze. This precious metal is very hard and durable - making it perfect for jewelry!