Hand-Stamped Bronze Square Initial Necklace - Victorian Inspired


The focal of the necklace is a lovely handcrafted bronze square pendant (3/4" x 3/4") featuring a capital "R" nestled within a botanical scene. This piece has purposely been given an earthy organic feel, giving it an air of antiquity.

The necklace portion of this front clasping piece is composed of large link natural antiqued brass chain. It is approximately is 17-1/2" long. The pretty botanically themed toggle clasp is made of cast bronze.

*Each bronze piece starts out as metal clay. We then go through a multi-step procedure that includes: rolling, stamping, cutting, drying, sanding, kiln firing for several hours, burnishing, antiquing and polishing, to reveal these beautiful pieces. Please read additional details regarding BRONZclay below.*

***I would be happy to custom design a similar necklace with the letter of your choice.  As this would be custom designed jewelry, please allow 1.5-2 weeks for delivery.*** 

*BRONZclay consists of 11% tin, 89% copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. The binding materials vaporize completely during the kiln-firing process, leaving a solid bronze piece with a density 90% that of cast bronze. This precious metal is very hard and durable - making it perfect for jewelry!