• "Hayley" Turquoise and Bronze Feather Necklace


    This feather turquoise necklace has a natural organic feel. 

    The focal is a hand stamped solid Bronze feather pendant (2" x 1/2"). This was created with Bronze Metal Clay.  Following multiple steps, the Metal Clay was kiln fired for several hours.  The resulting solid bronze feather was then tumbled, antiqued and hand polished.   

    **This feather pendant is unique to Felicity Jewelry Designs, as the stamp was designed by me and custom created by Martina Webb.

    The necklace is composed of a series of Turquoise Nuggets and antiqued brass chain.  

    This necklace is approximately 20" long and can be extended to 23".  

    ***Wholesale Price $19.00  (Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing at Wholesale Prices)***