• Starter Pack - 2


    This starter pack includes Bohemian pieces, that celebrate Yoga intentions and Tree of Life Images.  

    This pack includes the following:

    3x - Yoga Intention Words Stretch Bracelets - RRP - $25.00
    2x - Pair of Yoga Intention Words Earrings - RRP - $25.00
    1x - Yoga Intention Words Hand Knotted Necklace - RRP - $72.50
    3x - Tree of Life Stretch Bracelets - RRP - $25.00
    2x - Pair of Tree of Life Earrings - RRP - $25.00
    1x - Tree of Life Hand Knotted Necklace - RRP - $72.50

    Each pendant and charm are handmade with Bronze Metal Clay. Following multiple steps, the Metal Clay was kiln fired for several hours. The resulting solid Bronze pieces were then tumbled, antiqued and hand-polished to highlight the beautiful designs.  

    The supporting bracelets and necklaces are composed of 8mm Amazonite Stones.  

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